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So you’ve made a budget and put aside little coin for your photographer but what are you really paying for?

You’re paying to have someone preserve the memories of one of the most epic days of your life so that every time you look at the photos the emotion of the day comes flooding back.

You’re paying to have someone who has enough experience that they’ll know how to deal with whatever random events happen on your wedding day and be able to capture and create an authentic story of what it was like to be a part of this day.

We’ve all got a “friend who is a photographer”, that was me once too, that will photograph your wedding at a great price but after the cake is eaten and the wedding dress packed away all you’ll have left is the photos.

So please choose someone that you know is going to give you feelings of joy and not of regret when you look back on your photos.

If you feel like that someone might be me my prices start from $2990 for 8 hours of coverage

For my full price list or if you’d like a more personalised package send me an email to or phone me on 0412717278.